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Abusive Use of Eminent Domain to Build Ohio Pipelines (Part 4)

ohio pipeline attorneyThis is the fourth installment of our blog series about the use of eminent domain by the pipeline industry in Ohio. (Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).

You are staring at your “Good Faith Offer” letter, and you think: “Wow, nothing about this seems to be in ‘good faith’!” So you decide to talk to a lawyer. Where do you start? A great place to start is by asking friends and family. However, watch out for a common trap. Namely, make sure that if your friends or family refer you to a lawyer, that lawyer has experience in dealing with pipeline companies and eminent domain issues in Ohio. The issues are complex and pipeline companies can be extremely difficult to work with, so it is important to have an experienced oil and gas attorney to protect your rights. Continue reading

Abusive Use of Eminent Domain to Build Ohio Pipelines (Part 3)

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The pipeline company completed its survey of your property months ago. You have not heard from it or the friendly man since. You contacted the lawyer that did your estate planning or a relative that is an attorney about the survey lawsuit and after a quick examination they explained that since the order was granted ex parte and the fact that the survey had already been completed; there was not much point in responding to the litigation. The survey caused some minor damage to your property, a few tire ruts here and a cut fence there, but nothing severe enough that has caused you to think you should take on the behemoth that did the surveying. Instead, you decide that if you just keep quiet, maybe the pipeline will be built on someone else’s property. Continue reading

Sole Custody vs Joint Custody vs Shared Parenting

Types of Custody Arrangements in a Divorce or Dissolution in Ohio

In Ohio, two types of custody are recognized: sole custody and shared parenting (“joint custody”). The difference between the two arrangements centers on the party or parties who have the right to the legal and physical control of a child.

Sole Custody v. Shared Parenting

Most have a general understanding of sole custody. When granted sole custody, one parent is primarily in control of making decisions for that child, such as medical decisions or where he/she will be enrolled in school. Unless there is a compelling reason to deny it, the other parent is generally afforded parenting time with the child(ren). Continue reading

Does Cheating Matter in a Divorce?

It is a fairly common storyline in movies and television dramas: “Scorned spouse hires attorney to take cheating partner to the cleaners!”

However, the reality of the situation is that most divorce courts could care less whether you or your spouse cheated. As difficult and distressing as it may be to deal with marital infidelity, it is often irrelevant to a divorce proceeding. Continue reading

What is Temporary Total Disability Compensation?

construction-workerYou get injured at work and lose a significant amount of wages due to multiple missed days. How are you going to pay your bills? How are you going to recover those lost wages? Getting assistance from experienced attorneys when it comes to filing and processing your workers’ compensation claim is pivotal to recovering your lost wages and recovering from your work-related injury. Continue reading

Abusive Use of Eminent Domain to Build Ohio Pipelines (Part 2)

ohio pipeline attorneysGo here to read Part 1 »

What happens if you tell that friendly man with the nice smile that works for a company that works for another company that is building a pipeline that, no, you really don’t want a pipeline on your property? You explain, kindly, that you saw one being built on your neighbor’s land and didn’t care for the mess or that you watched the news back in 2015 when the ATEX pipeline (carrying ethane) ruptured, exploded, and melted siding on a house 2,000 feet away and are scared to have one close to your house, your children, your barns, or even your animals. The smiling man will be persistent. He will keep calling and may even stop by from time to time to see if you have changed your mind about a possible survey. “No thanks”, you continue, and eventually he will leave you alone. Continue reading

G. Gregory Arenstein & Nicholas I. Andersen Named to 2016 Columbus CEO Top Lawyers List

greg_nickCongratulations to Attorneys G. Gregory Arenstein and Nicholas I. Andersen for being named to the 2016 Columbus CEO’s Top Lawyers List. Greg and Nick are Shareholders at the Dublin, Ohio based law firm of Arenstein & Andersen Co., LPA.

According to Columbus CEO, attorneys on the list are among an elite group of Columbus lawyers recognized for their legal abilities and professional ethical standards. This year’s list was compiled by Avvo, a Seattle based company, that rates and profiles attorneys nationwide. Avvo uses a proprietary algorithm to rate attorneys on a 10-point scale, factoring in peer endorsements as well as experience, education, training, speaking, publishing and awards. This is Columbus CEO’s eighth annual Top Lawyers feature. Continue reading

Abusive Use of Eminent Domain to Build Ohio Pipelines (Part 1)

piplineIt starts with a knock at the door. A friendly man with a nice smile greets you and tells you that he works for a company that works for a company that is building a pipeline. The pipeline has a fun, friendly name like Utopia, Mariner, or Cornerstone.

The pipeline will carry petroleum and petroleum components: “Everything our country needs to keep growing!”, he will say. He tells you that your property is being considered as a possible route for the pipeline and that they would like to conduct some very noninvasive surveys. For the courtesy, they’ll even give you a few bucks. You figure: what’s the harm? Continue reading

Top Three Things to Know About Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

social security disabilityWhen you are filing for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, here are some good things to keep in mind while going through the process:

1. Be patient
Filing for SSD benefits involves a sometimes lengthy administrative process. A claim is filed by contacting the Social Security Administration (SSA), which may be done online, over the telephone, or in person at your local SSA office. The SSA representative will ask you for information about when you became disabled, your work history and, most importantly, the medical and/or mental health conditions that prevent you from working. It is very important that this information be complete and accurate, so that SSA can thoroughly evaluate your claim. Once the SSA has obtained this information, it will transfer your claim to the Bureau of Disability Determination, an agency of the State of Ohio, which will actually process your claim, using SSA’s rules and regulations for evaluating disability. Continue reading

What do I do if I am injured at work?

workers compensation claimYou suffer an injury at work or after months or years of being exposed to a chemical agent that you use at work, you realize that you have developed an occupational disease. What do you do now? Missing work loses you money and causes attendance issues on the job. Going to your doctor or an emergency room as a result of the injury brings unwanted bills and stress. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is unfamiliar and may be daunting to you. Working through a filed claim seems confusing and difficult. We can help with all of the above.. Continue reading