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Columbus Green Building Forum Vindicated by Ohio Court of Claims in Dispute with State of Ohio

The Ohio Court of Claims recently granted summary judgment to Columbus Green Building Forum (“CGBF”), a Columbus, Ohio based, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting energy-efficient and environment-friendly building practices in Central Ohio. The decision overturned a 2008 audit finding by the Ohio Department of Development (now the Ohio Development Services Agency) (“Development”) and awarded CGBF damages and interest against the State of Ohio totaling nearly $57,000. The State of Ohio opted not appeal the court’s decision. The full text of the final decision of the Ohio Court of Claims can be found by clicking on this link. Continue reading

Why Hire a Tax Professional When Dealing with the IRS?

It is important to have an experienced tax professional assist you and your business with IRS audit, levy, lien, garnishment, and collection matters.

We have all heard horror stories from those who have had terrible experiences dealing with the IRS. Some of them are probably true, but most are more than likely the result of ineffective communication or a lack of understanding regarding the process. The IRS has over 100,000 employees. When you have that big of a workforce, you are bound to have few bad apples. However, in my experience in representing taxpayers with IRS issues, most IRS personnel are regular people just trying to do their jobs. Continue reading