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Abusive Use of Eminent Domain to Build Ohio Pipelines (Part 4)

ohio pipeline attorneyThis is the fourth installment of our blog series about the use of eminent domain by the pipeline industry in Ohio. (Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3).

You are staring at your “Good Faith Offer” letter, and you think: “Wow, nothing about this seems to be in ‘good faith’!” So you decide to talk to a lawyer. Where do you start? A great place to start is by asking friends and family. However, watch out for a common trap. Namely, make sure that if your friends or family refer you to a lawyer, that lawyer has experience in dealing with pipeline companies and eminent domain issues in Ohio. The issues are complex and pipeline companies can be extremely difficult to work with, so it is important to have an experienced oil and gas attorney to protect your rights. Continue reading

Abusive Use of Eminent Domain to Build Ohio Pipelines (Part 3)

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The pipeline company completed its survey of your property months ago. You have not heard from it or the friendly man since. You contacted the lawyer that did your estate planning or a relative that is an attorney about the survey lawsuit and after a quick examination they explained that since the order was granted ex parte and the fact that the survey had already been completed; there was not much point in responding to the litigation. The survey caused some minor damage to your property, a few tire ruts here and a cut fence there, but nothing severe enough that has caused you to think you should take on the behemoth that did the surveying. Instead, you decide that if you just keep quiet, maybe the pipeline will be built on someone else’s property. Continue reading