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Abusive Use of Eminent Domain to Build Ohio Pipelines (Part 2)

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What happens if you tell that friendly man with the nice smile that works for a company that works for another company that is building a pipeline that, no, you really don’t want a pipeline on your property? You explain, kindly, that you saw one being built on your neighbor’s land and didn’t care for the mess or that you watched the news back in 2015 when the ATEX pipeline (carrying ethane) ruptured, exploded, and melted siding on a house 2,000 feet away and are scared to have one close to your house, your children, your barns, or even your animals. The smiling man will be persistent. He will keep calling and may even stop by from time to time to see if you have changed your mind about a possible survey. “No thanks”, you continue, and eventually he will leave you alone. Continue reading

Abusive Use of Eminent Domain to Build Ohio Pipelines (Part 1)

piplineIt starts with a knock at the door. A friendly man with a nice smile greets you and tells you that he works for a company that works for a company that is building a pipeline. The pipeline has a fun, friendly name like Utopia, Mariner, or Cornerstone.

The pipeline will carry petroleum and petroleum components: “Everything our country needs to keep growing!”, he will say. He tells you that your property is being considered as a possible route for the pipeline and that they would like to conduct some very noninvasive surveys. For the courtesy, they’ll even give you a few bucks. You figure: what’s the harm? Continue reading