What do I do if I am injured at work?

workers compensation claimYou suffer an injury at work or after months or years of being exposed to a chemical agent that you use at work, you realize that you have developed an occupational disease. What do you do now? Missing work loses you money and causes attendance issues on the job. Going to your doctor or an emergency room as a result of the injury brings unwanted bills and stress. Filing a workers’ compensation claim is unfamiliar and may be daunting to you. Working through a filed claim seems confusing and difficult. We can help with all of the above..

If you are injured at work, you cannot neglect filing a workers’ compensation claim and think that everything will be all right. You need to report your injury to your immediate supervisor as soon as possible and follow company protocol as it pertains to workplace injuries. You need to seek medical care for your injury so that you and your employer know what the injury/occupational disease is and how best to treat it. At all points of medical care, you need to make sure your medical provider knows and understands that your injury was the result of a workplace incident. If your medical provider is willing and able to complete workers’ compensation paperwork for you, make sure you participate in this process as much as possible and try to get a copy of each form and medical record filed, either from your provider or through Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Keeping extensive records will assist you and your attorney when it comes to processing your claim.

Your focus needs to be recovering from your illness or injury and making sure that those costs associated with the illness or injury are covered by workers’ compensation. The handling of matters such as wage loss, temporary total disability, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability and lump sum settlement of your claim should not be taken lightly. These items directly affect your recovery and ability to return to work in a timely, safe, and satisfactory manner. Depending on the severity and complexity of your work injury or illness, these matters can become time consuming, complex, and stressful.

If your employer, a Managed Care Organization (MCO), the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) and/or Ohio’s Industrial Commission is denying your medical benefits, then you most likely will require legal assistance to prevail. If your injury compensation is likewise being denied, then you most likely will require legal assistance to prevail. If a hearing has been scheduled to consider the allowance of your claim, or other benefits, then you most likely will require legal assistance and you more than likely will not prevail without an attorney accompanying you to your scheduled hearings. Let the attorneys at Arenstein & Andersen Co. LPA help you get the assistance you need in order for you to get back to the life you deserve.

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